Max Locrian

Max Locrian is a New York-based glitch artist whose work combines digital, analog, and audio media to explore mechanical reinterpretations of sensorial experiences and how our perception is transformed by these processes. Locrian has a professional background in both digital and film photography as well as social media marketing. He began experimenting with animation, music visualization, and digital art from a young age and he draws on visual processing software from the late 90s and early 2000s in his current work, the first decades in which the internet became part of our collective lived experiences. Anachronisms permeate his body of work; he often pairs both recent and outmoded imaging software with low-tech mediums from film to voice to examine the biological and mythological aspects of our relationships with technology. Locrian’s musical background also informs his approach to glitch art—he is interested in the ways that computers translate what we experience as sound or sight into a singular code that is outside of our understanding. He uses this apparent mistranslation between us and the machines that communicate these experiences to us to translate audio and visual input through different computer languages into wholly new forms that we can again understand. {{holy-ghost}} and Atomic Pixels are his debut exhibitions in VR, currently on display at Art Gate International 2021. Outside of VR, you can find him at and on Instagram @max.locrian.

Selected Works: