Shawn C. Bailey

Digital Art by Shawn Bailey
Detail “Watching a Sun Set, 1 & 2” by Shawn C. Bailey 2021

Shawn C. Bailey, is a mixed-media digital artist, their work centers around the transformation and collage of images and memory through analog, chemical, and digital means to bring the process of change and subjects in conversation with their own histories in new contexts. They explore the discontent of the idyllic expectations of suburban life with their upbringing, the seeming disintegration of order and logic they felt as an essential front-line worker, during the height of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic response, doing retail, mixed in with a love of flowers, play, and comedy. Many photos, drawings, and compositions regain new life in future works. In recycling 3D assets, photos, and parts of compositions, they replicate the way memories talk to each other: colliding, repeating, realgumating, and recontextualizing. 

Memento Loci is their debut exhibition in VR, currently on display at the Art Gate Meta Bienalle 2021. Outside of VR, you can find him at and on Instagram @tronald_charles.

Selected Works: