classical motion


Limited signed 9.5” x 12″ metallic fine art print from the Art Gate International 2021 Art Fair Exhibit: Atomic Pixels and the {{holy-ghost}}. Metallic, luster finish paper with UltraChrome HD exhibition-quality ink was chosen to create a link between the digital origins of the work and the physical artifact of the print.

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classical motion is the first in a two-part series exploring visualizations of the world as forms moving from place to place and, specifically, how the smallest parts of our universe move. classical motion and pixelated reality are both glitches of the same image, but the forms in the two glitches occupy radically different modes of existing. The forms in classical motion move from place to place in much the same way as we move about in our day-to-day lives, whereas the forms in pixelated reality seem to simply appear, popping in and out of existence. classical motion reflects our conventional understanding of organic movement, while pixelated reality reflects the finite movements of the pixel hopping from square to square.