{{sin}} / 26280:00


Limited signed 9.5” x 12″ metallic fine art print from the Art Gate International 2021 Art Fair Exhibit: Atomic Pixels and the {{holy-ghost}}. Metallic, luster finish paper with UltraChrome HD exhibition-quality ink was chosen to create a link between the digital origins of the work and the physical artifact of the print.

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In {{sin}} / 26280:00, the artist imagines the process of reinterpreting data through different digital formats in analog photography. {{sin}} / 26280:00 was left partially undeveloped so that light would still affect the photopaper. The photograph was then placed in indirect sunlight for three years or 26,280 hours. Light exposure caused the original image to gradually disappear over time, echoing the continuous loss of data that a digital file undergoes when it is translated into different formats. Where there was once wood and flesh, there are now phantoms.