Atomic Pixels №4


Limited signed 17” x 22″ metallic fine art print from the Art Gate International 2021 Art Fair Exhibit: Atomic Pixels and the {{holy-ghost}}. Metallic, luster finish paper with UltraChrome HD exhibition-quality ink was chosen to create a link between the digital origins of the work and the physical artifact of the print.

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Atomic Pixels Nos. 1-5 are a series of stills from one of the artist’s earliest experiments in music visualization software. The titular series is paradigmatic of the artist’s reinterpretation of image files through sound recordings generated from visual data. The initial image file in this series was entirely composed of straight lines and simple geometry, but through the process of reinterpreting it as different forms of data, the image’s linear forms transformed into more organic shapes and seemed to radiate heat. Here, the audio glitches take on a molecular appearance, creating a visual soundscape that blurs the borders between cosmic, biological, and digital forms. Bright colors drift and spark across a static background, recalling the sensation of staring too closely at a screen and then shutting your eyes only to find traces of the pixels’ light floating amidst the veins at the back of your eyelids.